Independent Community Autism Activity Network
Activities for Autism in West Cumbria

Registered as a charity in England and Wales - Registered Charity No. 1156551
Thank you to the following people for their kind support...
Andrew Mcdowell
John McGibbon
Richard Eland
Richard Cox
Zoe Ainley
Sarah Cooke
Jill Wilson
Dawn Boyes
Clair Hiddleston
Caroline Pattinson
Debbie Whalley
Emma Scott 
Danny Carter
Graham Shand
Rachel Holliday
Layla Crane
Dylan Torevell
Ella Crane
Andrew Burns
Mrs L Thornton
M Hodgson
Nicola Webb
Carol Humphreys
Suzanne Tindall
Debbie Whalley
Anne Gardner
Emma Bairstow-Ellis
Mrs Tubman
Gillian Hawkins
Jane Parker
Steve Denwood
June Stothers
Barry Richardson
Brian Smith
Richard Smith
Kevin Webb
Amanda Denwood
Nadia Shaw Darren Rudd
Michelle McGibbon Anne Gardner In Memory of Mrs Tubman
Gillian Hawkins
Clare Cornthwaite Carol Humphreys
Michael Hodgson
Teresa Byrne
Jane Parker
Karen Barnes
Suzanne Moore
Melisa Hodgson
Ricky Fee
Lindsey Carter
Darren Rudd
Michael George
Paul Ellwood
Katerina McCaughan
Gail Willis-Smith
Laura Holliday
Katerina Ingriselli
Ian Warmsley
Tina Petit
The Staff and Customers of The Brewery House Great Broughton
The Members of
the Unite Union
at Amcor
Katherine Caunce
Peter Graham
Leah Borg
Trisha Richardson
Teresa Byrne
P. Ellwood
Amanda Denwood
Karen Barnes
Michelle Myers
The Staff and Customers of The Sundial Little Broughton
Dawn Boyes
J Slater
Kevin Webb